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Half Ball Silicone Moulds – Sphere Round Cake


Half Ball Silicone Moulds

Durable, impermeable, and easy to clean.
Odourless, non-toxic, resistant to dust.
High-quality food-grade silicone, non-toxic, tasteless, environmental.
Easy to clean and use.
Safe to use in ovens, microwave ovens, dishwashers and refrigerators.



Half ball silicone moulds

Perfect for bakeries, delis and restaurants, these H͟a͟l͟f͟ ͟B͟a͟l͟l͟ ͟S͟i͟l͟i͟c͟o͟n͟e͟ ͟m͟o͟u͟l͟d͟s͟ have been constructed from food quality silicone. Their flexible structures make them the perfect substitute for multi-shaped metal trays, allowing contents to be simply pushed out. Incredibly easy to clean as they are dishwasher safe, also suitable for oven to freezer use.

Package Includes:
1 pc Silicone half ball silicone moulds

H͟a͟l͟f͟ ͟B͟a͟l͟l͟ ͟S͟i͟l͟i͟c͟o͟n͟e͟ ͟m͟o͟u͟l͟d͟s͟H͟a͟l͟f͟ ͟B͟a͟l͟l͟ ͟S͟i͟l͟i͟c͟o͟n͟e͟ ͟m͟o͟u͟l͟d͟s͟H͟a͟l͟f͟ ͟B͟a͟l͟l͟ ͟S͟i͟l͟i͟c͟o͟n͟e͟ ͟m͟o͟u͟l͟d͟s͟H͟a͟l͟f͟ ͟B͟a͟l͟l͟ ͟S͟i͟l͟i͟c͟o͟n͟e͟ ͟m͟o͟u͟l͟d͟s͟

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