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Spatulas & Tools

3PCS/Set Silicone Baking Tools – Spatula, Spoon & Brush

Ideal for making cakes, breads, jellies, chocolate, etc.
Suitable for baking, cooking, butter mixing and etc.
Safe uses in the oven, microwave oven, dishwasher and refrigerator.
Heat resistance:-40 to 230 C
Size:about 20-22cm Long
Package included: 3 Pcs Set (Spatula Spoon Brush)


Marking Tool Icing Sugar & Cake Decorating Scriber Needle

12.5cm Scriber Needle Modelling Tool for Icing & Sugarcraft. Random Colour will be shipped

A great little tool for all cake, bun and wax decorators.

Sale! 1PCS-Silicone-Cake-Scraper-Multi-purpose-Scraper-Spatula-Utensil-Cooking-Baking-High-Temperature-Resistance-Brushes-Kitchen-1.jpg1PCS-Silicone-Cake-Scraper-Multi-purpose-Scraper-Spatula-Utensil-Cooking-Baking-High-Temperature-Resistance-Brushes-Kitchen.jpg

Silicone Cake Scraper Multi purpose Spatula

This budget silicone spatula is flexible and hygienic making it perfect for home and professional use.
Features a convenient eyelet for creative storage solutions.
Durable and heat resistant up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit
Ergonomic design and weight.
Safe on kitchen utensil, won’t scratch utensils


Silicone Decorating Pen + 5 Nozzles

Nieuwe Kit – Decorating Pen + 5 Nozzles

Sale! Silicone-Spatula-Baking-Scraper-Cake-Baking-Tool-Food-Grade-Non-Stick-Spatula-Butter-Spoon-Cooking-Rubber-1.jpgSilicone-Spatula-Baking-Scraper-Cake-Baking-Tool-Food-Grade-Non-Stick-Spatula-Butter-Spoon-Cooking-Rubber.jpg

Silicone Spatula Baking Scrapers


Non-Stick professional silicone baking.
Colours: pink, sky blue, orange, green, black
Size: 21 * 4.1 CM
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£2.99 £2.00
Sale! 1pcs-21cm-Baking-Tools-For-Cakes-Silicone-Spatula-Spoon-LFGB-Cookie-Spatulas-Pastry-Scraper-Mixer-Buttter-1.jpg1pcs-21cm-Baking-Tools-For-Cakes-Silicone-Spatula-Spoon-LFGB-Cookie-Spatulas-Pastry-Scraper-Mixer-Buttter.jpg

Silicone Spatula Spoons

Constructed from high-quality silicone, this professional utensil is the perfect tool to use on non-stick surfaces. It causes zero damage due to the professional silicone to help you keep your equipment in superb condition. Heat resistant up to 260°C/500°F,

£7.00 £2.99